Sunday, June 14, 2020

Now all Google Assistant devices will be able to tell who’s talking to them

Google is adding its Voice Match and default speaker selection features to all Google Assistant-compatible devices, the company announced Thursday. Google product manager Praveen Chandran wrote in a blog post that the additions are part of the company’s efforts “to support an open ecosystem and bring Google Assistant features to everyone globally.”

Voice Match allows the Assistant to tell which member of a household is speaking, to personalize responses, and the default speaker selection allows users to choose a preferred option among several devices. In addition, Google will expand its hot word sensitivity setting to make a device more or less sensitive to the activation phrase “Hey Google.”

Google said in the blog post that it will be rolling out the features to all Assistant-enabled devices this week.

Last month, Google confirmed it was piloting a program with Voice Match to allow secure purchases on Assistant-enabled smart speakers and smart displays.

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